Make America Swole Again - Josh Holyfield

Make America Swole Again - Episode: 2-7: Jack Of All

February 15, 2023 Josh Holyfield Season 2 Episode 7
Make America Swole Again - Josh Holyfield
Make America Swole Again - Episode: 2-7: Jack Of All
Show Notes

Josh Holyfield. In this episode, Josh talks about the importance of accountability and ownership in personal growth, using his client Tim's journey as an example. Tim is a successful career-driven individual who has lost weight and is in great shape but struggles with mental health. Josh emphasizes the significance of focusing on what we can control, and accepting hardships as a pathway to peace. He advises against using distractions as excuses to justify falling off the wagon and highlights the benefits of being accountable for our actions.

In the second half of the episode, Josh shares his experience of updating and improving his house for sale. He emphasizes the value of learning "man skills" and being self-sufficient, as he tackled painting, flooring, and light fixture upgrades himself. Josh recounts how he turned to a Facebook group for advice when he encountered an electrical issue, highlighting the power of community and resourcefulness. Tune in to this episode to learn about the importance of taking ownership and developing practical skills to live a fulfilling life.

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