The Josh Holyfield Podcast

2. F*ck What They Think

October 08, 2023 Josh Holyfield Season 1 Episode 2
The Josh Holyfield Podcast
2. F*ck What They Think
Show Notes

In this insightful episode, we dive deep into the crucial influence of our immediate circle on our personal and professional growth. Discover why the company you keep matters more than you think and learn how to strategically select those who challenge and uplift you.


  1. The Elevating Effect: Understand the immense potential of surrounding yourself with individuals who compel you to ascend.
  2. Accountability & Potential: The significance of having individuals around you who hold you true to your commitments.
  3. Identity & Validation: Unravel the deep-seated reasons behind why we attach ourselves to certain people and value specific opinions.
  4. The Power of Choice: Harness the ability to determine your surroundings and its cascading impact on your life's trajectory.

Episode Insights:

  • The pitfalls of surrounding oneself with negative influences.
  • The key role of the significant other in our life's journey.
  • An interesting take on caring about people's opinions – but selecting whose opinions matter.
  • A special highlight on the importance of community spaces and ensuring they remain positive and productive.

By the end of this episode, you'll be reevaluating your circle and ensuring that it propels you towards the life you aim to create. Join us for a transformative conversation that might just reshape the way you perceive your social interactions.

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